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BE HAPPY Wellbeing Journal


Be Happy: A Journal is here to help you find sustainable happiness in the well of yourself. With a focus on the power of choice, follow the prompts in this beautifully designed journal to find and follow your unique path to success.

Happiness is a transient emotional state. We frequently think of it as a place we're trying to get to, but happiness is more a constant process rather than a destination. Prompts in the Be Happy: A Journal will ask you to reflect on the choices you are currently making versus the choices you will be prompted to write about and explore.

Sometimes our choices are unconscious, and it's not until we are presented with alternatives that we realise we've been sabotaging ourselves all along. We must think about the daily choices that determine (a) the emotional states we want to embody, and (b) the personal values we can connect with along the way. If you're a fan of "fast"-not necessarily in the quick-fix kind of way, but in a this-fits-easily-into-my-day kind of way-then this journal (and journey!) is for you. A hardworking set of tools that you can access on your own terms, in your own time.

This journal is organized into nine sections, each one asking you to choose an important part of living a full life, and determine how you may or may not have been doing so thus far. As you go through the prompts, you may find that you are following the right path. If that is the case, think deeper on how you can push yourself further; there's always room for improvement. If this has not been your path, use the prompts and hardworking tools to map a new path to success, and make a deep commitment to changing your way of thinking.

The prompts in this journal will focus on diving deep into your personal power, the power you have in choosing emotional states and values that help you to live a full life based on what's important to you deep down. You'll be encouraged to put these lessons to work and look at ways you can cement positivity into your everyday life. After taking time to look inward while answering these prompts and identifying which parts of your life you'd like to change, focus your energy toward making an actual difference.

Hard to hold on to, difficult to find, and some days, not much more than a memory, happiness is still a part of us and what we as humans seek out, even when it eludes us. Luckily, thriving is a psychological state that doesn't just rely on positive feelings like happiness, but on the daily choices we make. Want to live a rich, vital, fulfilling life? Choose your focus. Choose your actions.

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