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Nourish & Restore Skin Care Pack

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Ideal for dry to normal skin, this pack contains essentials from B4W Natural Skin Care range to Nourish and Restore dehydrated skin.

Rosehip Oil 30ml - B4W Natural Skin Care : Rosehip Oil 30mls - Rosehip Oil (Rosa eglanteria) | Cold pressed from the seeds of Roses grown in Chile, Rosehip oil has proven extremely beneficial in helping to improve the appearance of scars, inflamed skin conditions and wrinkles. The oil helps to promote a smooth, soft complexion

Rose Freshener 50ml B4W Natural Skin Care: Rose Freshener 50mls  - Hydrate and replenish lost moisture with this on-the-go mist. Calming, moisturising and softly scented with rose. Use to revitalise skin during the day, set make-up or help soothe irritation.

Green Clay Mask 25gm B4W Natural Skin Care: Green Clay Mask 25gm - Natural and simple, this clay is deep cleansing, high in minerals and will draw out impurities and toxins while balancing and soothing the skin.

HOW TO APPLY : Using either a small brush or clean fingertips, apply your mask to clean skin. Green Clay Masks should be applied after cleansing and before applying any moisturisers/facial oils.

RELAX for 15 mins while the mask dries, then rinse off using warm water and a gentle cloth.


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