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Kelly’s Angel Wings



INCENSE POWDER - Purification


This aromatic blend of Purification Resin Incense Powders will provide you with a rich, purifying aroma during your next ritual or meditation.

Made with a mixture of Frankincense resin, Copal resin and Myrrh resin, all of which traditionally correspond to purification and cleansing and is also used to banish negative energy..  

Each jar contains resin incense tears, which requires incense charcoal to burn them.

Size: 3.5 oz glass jar

Instructions for use:

  • Put a teaspoon amount of incense powder in a fireproof incense holder.

  • Pinch the powder to form a mound or cone shape.

  • Light the tip of the mound and allow it to burn for about 5 seconds, then lightly blow out the flame.

  • Incense will slowly smoulder and gently release its fragrance

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