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Incense Powder - Meditation


This unique blend of meditation incense powders by the Traditional Incense Company will help provide you with a grounding and centring fragrance while meditating. What makes this meditation powder incense unique from other incense is the fact that it will burn freely by itself, without the need of incense charcoal or a continuous heat source.

This self igniting powder incense is created with a base blend of herbs, resins and oils that aid with grounding and meditation.

Size: 3.5 oz glass jar


1. Put a teaspoon amount of incense powder in a fireproof incense holder.

2. Pinch the powder to form a mound or cone shape.

3. Light the tip of the mound and allow it to burn for about 5 seconds, then lightly blow out the flame.

4. Incense will slowly smoulder and gently release its fragrance.

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