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SMUDGE CRYSTAL MAGIC - Psychic Growth + Purification


This Traditional Smudge with Juniper, Grandfather White Sage and Copal was made by psychic healer and mystic tool maker with the intention to cleanse your mind, cleanse your body, cleanse your spirit, cleanse your home, cleanse your garden, cleanse your neighborhood.

Feel the power of your soul, feel the beauty that lies within sacred smoke. May you be blessed with the desires of your heart.

Instructions for use:

  • Light smudge stick
  • Blow out flame
  • Use smoke to cleanse
  • Extinguish smudge stick in a bowl of sand
  • Re-use again and again
  • When finished place Crystal in your garden as thanks for your prayers being answered.

All herbs naturally grown with LOVE Environmentally aware manufacturer, NO plastic used or on product. *Abalone shell not included.

Disclaimer: Please note, this product is hand made in Australia, and thus subject to the growing conditions within Australia. This means that this product is seasonal and may not be available all year round.

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