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Kelly’s Angel Wings




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Bohemian Hanging Chair - White Cotton

Large, Spacious & Comfortable

With plenty of room to relax and stretch out, this hanging swing seat measures 75 inches in length x 39 inches wide and 47 inches high. The soft and thick cotton rope holds up to 150kgs to make this an inviting seat for kids and adults alike at any time of day.

Versatile + Multi-Use

This outdoor or indoor hammock swing chair is outfitted with a loop-end top and easy to hang almost anywhere! Simply find a branch, beam or hammock stand and set it up in seconds to sit and relax or take an afternoon siesta. This chair is perfect for yard, patio or on the beach.

This Boho Hanging chair comes with a beautiful varnished wooden bar to help hang the hammock. Solid wood with a glossy dark finish, this bar matches the rustic appearance of the woven cotton rope. Includes Beautiful Wooden Bar

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