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Whether you need a little extra help relaxing, sleeping, focusing or just a boost of energy, our essential oils can be added to your ultrasonic diffuser, bath, or mixed with a carrier oil and applied topically.

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Nourish Dry Skin with Witchhazel

Seals in Moisture - Perfect for Winter

You might think that if witch hazel is good for treating acne and oily skin that using it on dry skin is a bad idea, but you’ll be surprised to find that it’s the opposite. 

It removes the stuff you don’t want, like excess oil and impurities, and then nourishes the skin with healthy moisturising properties that prevent the skin from drying out. . 

When you use witch hazel right after a shower, it works to seal in moisture, which is wonderful, particularly if you tend to have dry skin in the winter months.

1 x 50mls bottle of Witch Hazel